I’m killing two birds with one stone today. I’m using today’s Daily Prompt to complete my NaBloPoMo post today.

If I were stuck on a deserted island the 5 items I’d want to have:

1. My Kindle. I thought about this in last four minutes of writing and realized that I’ll burn through the battery in no time. So not my kindle. I’ll bring a water bottle instead.

2. A knife or machete – I could protect myself, feed myself and shelter myself with this one.

3. Matches – Until I develop the patience to rub two sticks together I’ll need some help. A jumbo box of matches will help with building fires to alert passing boats.

4. A blanket – I went camping once on a small island off Trinidad some years ago and when the sun went down, that breeze coming off the ocean was deadly. I’ll need to be warm and a blanket will shelter me from the sun too.

5. A pair of crocs – I’ll need to explore said island and my feet need to be protected.

My phone rang and interrupted my last two minutes. So I’m using my last five minutes to complain about how the loud ticking of my timer was a distraction. I felt rushed trying to think and write coherently for 10 minutes. I was tempted to use “text speak” shortening my words. And I admit that I think I cheated using the Daily Prompt. Oh and I still want to take my Kindle. Even though the battery will die after 4 hours…I’ll be happy reading for 4 hours. And the timer buzzing literally shocked my brain and made me jump outta my skin!


I’m participating in BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo Challenge for the month of December:


You can read some awesome entries here: NaBloPoMo December.

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About vernette

I am a Trinidadian blogger and Tiramisu lover. I believe that love is the only currency we have and that it should be our sole motivation for the exchange of our time.

22 responses to “Castaway”

  1. Angela Death says :

    Our answers were very similar to each other’s it’s kinda eery. Except I didn’t think about a water bottle or crocs.

    • vernette says :

      I’ve been reading some of the other responses and give or take one or two things most of the responses are alike. It shows me that most people know the difference between needs and wants. Isn’t that cool?

  2. Marcus W says :

    Matches… dammit… I knew I forgot something…. although, I think there is also a blowtorch on the Swiss Army Knife….. I could be mistaken though.

  3. Vikera says :

    Next time I go to Trinidad, I will try that head of a mosquito on a needle (??) head to scare off the others. Vernette, I get teased relentlessly for my crocs. I will pass on its importance to my friends. :)

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